Life Lessons, Live and Learn

It’s funny in life how life lessons come at us. Since buying our first house and now on our third, yes third, and my husband now working in hvac, the plumbers (and gas tech’s) daughter has become the gas tech’s wife and is learning so much with each house… Most recently, being so thrilled withContinue reading “Life Lessons, Live and Learn”

I’m A… What do you do?

Not that long ago there were quite a few feathers being ruffled by some of the “teachers” requests. I wasn’t shy at voicing my opinion… really though for some, of course not just teachers you can have it all and still think it’s not enough. I voiced my opinion but at the same  time IContinue reading “I’m A… What do you do?”

Us… not perfect but perfectly us

20130615328C1163-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. My wee little mini me was taking photos at a family bbq we attended a couple weeks ago, she tried twice to get a photo from us, granted the weight of the camera is significant, the focus fell above us. I adore this photo, its notContinue reading “Us… not perfect but perfectly us”

Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!

Our kids love their family, they love spending time just as a family of 4 and as Madison says “I love it when our whole family gets together…” they are too cute! The past few weekends they have been lucky to get to see lots of their cousins and had a blast!!! SO many memoriesContinue reading “Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!”

Happy [Early] 40th Birthday Celebration… for the man I love!

Since my hubby’s birthday falls on Canada’s birthday we decided to celebrate with our family and friends at home, as well as on his birthday next weekend of course 😉 Anyone who knows me knows when Im excited about something its rare that I can keep my lips sealed, turns out some of our familyContinue reading “Happy [Early] 40th Birthday Celebration… for the man I love!”

The the father of my children

20130616328C1215-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I will never forget that moment, in our first house after so much sorrow, pain, distance… it had finally happened… We were going to be parents!!! A memory that I will always treasure, that moment I told my hubby he was going to be a daddy.Continue reading “The the father of my children”