The little moments, far too often taken for granted

Its these little moments, to us as adults they are merely that little, perhaps insignificant… To our children they mean everything! Little man asked if they could have pancakes for supper one night, he loves helping make things, both of the kids do, whether its at home or at grama and granpa’s. They loooove howContinue reading “The little moments, far too often taken for granted”

Timeless. Ballet. Dance Like No One Is Watching.

There is something about black and white images that just make them so timeless. I made my girl a promise that I would blow a photo up large for her room, same for my boy of him playing hockey. The first and fourth are my very favourite of our girl! A very successful weekend ofContinue reading “Timeless. Ballet. Dance Like No One Is Watching.”

My boy. The end of a long day.

Today was all about the little lady… but our boy did amazing! He sat through and watched the performance for over 2 1/2 hours! I was so very proud of him. They both came home tired, beginning to get on each others nerves, giving each other a little dig when they could, at the endContinue reading “My boy. The end of a long day.”

Just Dance… The Little Mermaid Presented By The Dance Academy!

Our little lady was in dance this fall/winter and they had their first recital this weekend to finish off the year. Very proud mama moment! She has another show tomorrow, however today we had a lot of my side of the family join us for her recital and then dinner after, was truly very special!Continue reading “Just Dance… The Little Mermaid Presented By The Dance Academy!”

The bird of the beach… the sea gull

The bird of the beach… the sea gull. They can be annoying, however they are also a very beautiful bird. I am opening myself up to explore the beauty all around me, not just within my own family, but every aspect of our life. This guy was flying over head while my children were veryContinue reading “The bird of the beach… the sea gull”

Apple Blossoms in Bloom

We arrived home from our weekend away to see our two apple tree’s in full bloom! Gorgeous!! Have you ever just stopped, taken in a deep breath and looked around? Ive never really been someone who has a real green thumb or really has even truly taken the time to appreciate the beauty in nature,Continue reading “Apple Blossoms in Bloom”

Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Ever since meeting my husband, I knew he had talent. One of those awesome talents is working with wood. He can build some pretty spectacular structures! It was a work weekend at the cottage, well many weekends are actually, being a part of a family cottage means putting forth work for the upkeep of it.Continue reading “Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola”