That’s a wrap… for the Hockey Season!

Yesterday out little man and his team finished off their hockey season with a 3 game tournament. I missed his first game with lil miss having dance, but our lil family of 4 was at his 140 and 3pm games, after a wonderful after lunch nap hehe!

I am SO proud of our lil guy, he loooves hockey, but it’s taken him time to feel comfortable to “fight” for the puck. Which you know what that’s okay, he made amazing progress from last year and even more from the beginning of the season until now. He very much goes at his pace, has perhaps watch the big boys a bit too much (loves doing a big skate when he comes out around the net or skating with one hand on the stick), but he’s learning a lot and I’m very proud of him. He’s not a hockey star on the team, but he’s OUR hockey star doing the best he can.

I am very thankful for his coaches both at practice and at the games who have also encouraged him and helped him learn.

Of course his mama photographs him as a hockey star 😉
It was a fun year 🙂

20130323 - Cars Yr End Hockey Tourny-WM

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