Making our house, our home! The fridge is on the move – Part 1

In the short time we’ve been married, coming up on 9 year this year – wow! We have owned 3 homes, this is the first house that truly had everything we truly need and want, including room for hub’s bigger (future) garage. Each home we’ve owned we’ve put our mark on, we’ve made it our own in some way. Im quite lucky and thankful to have a hubby who truly is talented in many ways, one of those ways truly benefits our home.

We haven’t done much in this home as it does have SO much of our 1st and 2nd home combined that we loved at each and wanted combined, however now being here almost 2 years (another WOW!) its time to begin making this ours. We’ve made very minor changes, like taking out the gorgeous flower bed in the back centre of the yard – with kids, a dog and a husband and wife who both do not have a green thumb, the fire pit made much more sense with stones around it – ah I think its going to be another change this summer though, Id much rather grass with a nice outdoor firepit to enjoy on the patio, I’ll be on the lookout with spring on the horizon.

Ive always wanted an island in my kitchen, loooove my island in this kitchen. Hated, yes hate is a strong word, but I hated the positioning of the fridge and how it stuck out 3″ from the cupboards and into the path of the kitchen. Downfall, we do not have a mudroom, ah not a biggie as we didnt have one at the last house – we walked into our laundry room, but we do have a closet by the garage door… Im sure Im not the only mom who can see how a closet right at the door in the kitchen is a breeding ground for shoes and coats – you know they are dropped to the floor and just continue to pile up.

One thing I love about the layout of our house is its a raised bungalow, raised to the back, so we have an awesomely huge landing which was not being utilized in the way it could and should be.

Having two young kids and being full time working parents, one of those parents being a Virgo, organization and flow is super important to me. Up until now Ive really had to let go of a lot of things, with having these two young kids who are also 18mths apart. Was tough for me at first, however I think it did save my sanity. A little disorganization is not the end of the world… no really its not. Yes it is nice to have things organized though and having flow.

Which brings us to today. I think my husband finally just “gave in”, eh I can admit that. BUT I also added in that we could upgrade the fridge that we both loathe – side by side for a family of four just does not function, at least it does not function how I would like it to, perhaps another Virgo thing. AND we both love to cook, so anything to make the kitchen have better flow, clearly better for all involved 😉

Our kitchen is a really good size, as far as kitchens go, its 13×13 and open to our dining room, one thing though that I didn’t enjoy was when I was in the kitchen at the sink or counter on the one side the fridge, which stuck out, blocked the view. Nope a skinnier fridge wasn’t an option either, although there are 24″ fridges out there, for the thousands of dollars they cost its not in our budget now or in the future. I love natural light and with the gorgeous huge windows we have in our dining room, I was craving a more open feel to our kitchen.

Friday after work I began.

Part 1 involves the fridge sitting along the wall in the dining room until the new area is prepped – hey I can’t push hubby too much 😉

This is “before” – before us essentially. See love the light, love the size of the kitchen, but not how closed off it feels when Im IN the kitchen.
20130317 Fridge-WM

This is what it looked like an hour ago, hubs has already began his project to cover the white part of the cupboard which is now visible and also what is going on the wall where the plugs are and its cut open. I LOVE it! We all do actually.
20130317 Fridge - In Progress-WM

AND the best part… didn’t cost us a dime! Hub’s re-used the wood which originally closed the side of the fridge in and the counter top moved with us from the last house, from the laundry room and now into the kitchen 🙂 Yes as a virgo, I am not cheap but I am frugal when I need to be !

I cannot wait for the finished product – which also means the fridge out of the dining room ha!

Yes Spring Fever has hit our house… love this time of year!

And of course for my hubby, I so truly appreciate just how talented he is with his tools and ideas 😉 Im a lucky lady!

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