Fun with my prize! {Nikon 1 V1 Compact DSLR-My Review}

As a Canon girl, when I received my Nikon I was somewhat lost, everything is backwards as it is with my Canon’s LOL! Alas I can honestly say its a solid little camera. Would I give up my Canon DSLR’s? Nope ! But this little guy will be a perfect purse or pocket companion.

What do I love about this little guy? I can shoot entirely manual – well almost, for my own ease and keeping it more “point and shoot” convenience, I have my ISO set to Auto – which ranges from 100 to 3200! Shots at ISO 3200 aren’t as great as my 5DMIII, Im sure that would be obvious though, but they are still impressive! AND when out tobogganing with friends yesterday I was able to fit the camera with the small lens into my coat pocket – yes it was tight BUT it fit! This image below is at ISO 3200.


One thing I love about my DLSR is I toggle my focal point so rather than the camera choosing what to focus on, I choose. I haven’t figured out if this little guy does that yet, Im hoping so, however if not such is life. Here is one example of if I could have toggled I would have focused on the buggie, in retrospect though Im enjoying the aspect of this shot – also shot in RAW.


This shot I took the same day and also took it in Manual in a break during the storm. Our nest.


This photo was the morning of the storm on Friday, leaving my garage we had over 2 feet of snow to get through. This shows one disadvantage of auto iso… auto anything on a camera wants anything white to be grey – this is not edited in anyway is and SOOC – notice how the snow is grey. All I set was the Aperture and the shutter speed. Yes I should have lowered the SS, however this is where the ISO could compensate and could have increased to 200 at least to get more brightness out of the snow – however thats not what a camera shooting on any auto settings looks for. Also with any variable aperature lenses (which is a lens that has an f that has a range, such as f3.5-5.6) as I zoom in, the aperture closes down more. Which is why this snow shot is f4, I wasn’t right at 10mm when I shot it.


RAW on a point and shoot? Yup… Once you are used to it, you will miss it. Regardless of if they are quick snaps. I took these photos on Saturday while tobogganing with friends. The first was over exposed slightly – I was still adjusting my settings – however IF this had been in RAW I could have easily saved the snow (or any blown areas of a photo). What does “blown” mean? When a part of your photo has zero detail – see the bright parts of the snow.


Now this next photo is shot in RAW, notice how the snow is bright but yet has detail…

What is interesting is that BOTH photos have the exact same settings (except for the aperture) – both have a shutter speed of 1/500th and ISO 100… the bright photo of my daughter has f5.6 aperture (which would let in less light) and the one of my son is f4. Interesting! See how you can save detail. Im a HUGE RAW fan 🙂 Unfortunately when you use a camera in auto modes it does not know how to compensate completely for the very bright areas so when you shoot in RAW you have the ability to correct the image to how it should be properly exposed without having to use completely manual modes – which in all honesty you would have to save some blown areas most times anyway.

Some more from yesterday outside. I did raise my shutter speed so that the snow was not as bright. This little guy handles bright sun quite well. I was impressed!



My boys lol! Notice in this image there is bright snow and shadows, one reason I love shooting in manual and RAW is to ensure the quality of the detail like these areas.

Ignore the winter boogy’s in this photo of my lil lady lol – the colours are gorgeous, this is very very minimal processing. One drawback, even though the background is nice and blurred, I certainly do prefer the creamy brokeh of my Canon DLSR lenses – which I do know the Nikon DSLR lenses are equally as good at producing bokeh. Perhaps with the zoom lens that came with the camera may offer a better bokeh background option.


My loves enjoying the snow!

And… mama’s turn!

All in all, I am quite happy with this V1 as my “compact” alternative, especially to take with me in my purse and never be without my camera – hey you just never know when you will come across something! Does that mean my Mack Daddy 5DMIII will sit on the shelf – not a chance! He was my first choice last night for the hockey game… which by the way – they won!!! I’ll dedicate an entire post to the Patriots!

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