Week 3 With Jillian Michaels Begins…

Monday week 3 with Jillian and her 90 day body revolution began… I am seriously loving these workout dvd’s and am feeling more and more motivated everyday! Biggest things I’m noticing is my energy is getting so much more plentiful, cravings are so much lesser and even my appetite as a whole! Its amazing. IContinue reading “Week 3 With Jillian Michaels Begins…”

A winter morning of appreciation

I used to be the photographer who was only about family and what the kids did, until I began pushing myself to appreciate and enjoy everything else I could be photographing. It truly is amazing when you feel yourself reach that point of just being a “mom with a camera” to being a photographer (ofContinue reading “A winter morning of appreciation”

Its cold, we have snow (finally), a winter morning is breathtakingly beautiful!

Getting up this morning and walking out to the kitchen I glance out our front window and immediately turn to head back to the office to get my camera – the sky was gorgeous! Sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was a beautiful combination of pinks, yellows, orange and blue. It wasContinue reading “Its cold, we have snow (finally), a winter morning is breathtakingly beautiful!”

Getting In Shape… Getting started is half the battle!

Exercise and I have never really gotten along well, part of the reason is all my health issues over the years that have made me face daily pain etc. A year ago, just over actually I took the major step to take care of the majority of this pain and although I do still haveContinue reading “Getting In Shape… Getting started is half the battle!”

Our Princess On Ice – Weskate 2013

Our lil princess participated in her very first skating competition. She was SO excited, a girls day out with her mommy, auntie, grama and great grama, she talked the entire way there, lol! Not only her first skating competition (which I am SO proud that she was not competitive and just had a blast!), sheContinue reading “Our Princess On Ice – Weskate 2013”

Kids + Snow – FUN !

The morning after Christmas holidays the bus was late, it was very icy, but we had some great snow to play in! I’m SO glad I took advantage of the bus being late and got the camera out, as most of the snow has now melted! I am so thankful for these little monkey’s! ThisContinue reading “Kids + Snow – FUN !”

Family Fun Sunday – Skating!

20130106-328C7910-2-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. We had a blast this afternoon skating at an indoor rink – SO much fun skating and playing hockey! Even the miss is now thinking she needs to get into the game for this fall 😉 I edited this image in black and white (and haveContinue reading “Family Fun Sunday – Skating!”

Happy New Year 2013 ~ Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, Family + Friends

Cheers to a wonderful New Year 2013! This photo below was taken by our daughter, our lil man after a very fulfilling Fondue dinner over a few hours fell asleep at 1130pm however our daughter and our friends daughter stayed up to ring in the new year – and of course our lil miss wasContinue reading “Happy New Year 2013 ~ Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, Family + Friends”