Photographing Your Daily Life

One thing my kids love to do is look back on the photos I take of our family. I LOVE taking photos of our daily life. One thing I learned when they were young and there were toys etc everywhere – hmmm ok I did learn this when they were young but it seems this is still the case 😉

Take a couple seconds to plan the shots in your mind. What looks like clutter, what looks appealing in the image? Baking cookies with a pile of plates from supper last night in the background or adjusting where you are shooting from so that the dirty dish clutter isn’t in the background. Sometimes that clutter adds to the scene and photograph.

With kids you do have to think fast to get the shot you want, but taking a few seconds can make an amazing difference in your images and help tell your story!

I actually plan my living room for xmas morning or use fun direction for the kids when opening gifts at family homes, “wouldn’t it be fun to open over there” or moving the coffee table out of the way to make room for the gift opening!

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