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Last night I truly broke. I sobbed even hearing the very beginning of the news, something which I have been avoiding for this exact reason! I love every bit about my 6 year old, even those trying times it may be hard somedays but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!

Tonight after school my kids bus was late and obviously I didn’t think of the horrible tragedy that did happen, however I did think of what could have, I won’t live in fear because of this horrible shooting, however it was a horrible heart wrenching fear and I can only begin to imagine how those parents and families felt on Friday… Thank god the bus had simply broke down, however those 40 minutes it was late I paced the entire time.
My heart goes out to those families. Seeing the beautiful faces of those children or reading the tear jerking 11 days before Christmas… I do pray they are at rest and did not suffer.

For those families who feel it is your “right” to have guns in your home… THIS is something that could happen if they are not locked up properly… Quite honestly what the hell IS the point of owning a hand gun, other than just to say you do, because you have the right! Those children had a right to live and IF he did not have guns which were so easily accessible, well I’m sure its to heart wrenching to say 😦

I am thankful to be in a country which does NOT allow concealed weapons or does not allow all its citizens to bear arms… My children and family is much more important! Sure if someone really wanted a gun they could probably find it, however it does not need to be that easily accessible!

My heart goes out to all families in Newton, CT affected by this horrible tragedy. Do not live in fear, rather live life to the fullest… You can never take too many videos and photos!

Real Housewife of Cleveland County

I am not really a major cryer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I cry–when it’s appropriate to do so.  Funerals. The occasional wedding if it’s particularly beautiful or meaningful. Schindler’s List. Things that normal people cry at. I am definitely not an over-cryer. I don’t cry at commercials or cheesy Hallmark movies or at the drop of a hat. And, when I do cry, there’s usually a beginning and an end. I cry. I get it out. I stop. Normal crying.

However, since I first started to understand the magnitude of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning, I have cried a lot. I cried when I heard the terrible news. I cried when I went to pick my son up early from school. I cried when I told my husband what had happened. I cried when I talked to my girlfriends about it. I cried…

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