Christmas Is For Kids!

20121225-328C7514-WM-2, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I spent the majority of all our Christmases sitting and watching our kids. Watching the pure excitement and love on their face! It is priceless, every year it changes, hearing their appreciation for everything. Made me feel like such a happy mommy even receiving clothes andContinue reading “Christmas Is For Kids!”

Our Christmas Celebration(s)!

Our Christmas celebration began Saturday, and ended boxing day. Yes 5 straight days of family, food and fun! It was so much fun, so wonderful to see the family we did and the food was amazing! Our kids are so very blessed. I feel so very blessed for the time our children had with ourContinue reading “Our Christmas Celebration(s)!”

A Very Merry Christmas With Wonderful Family <3

Today, on Christmas morning our kids were SO excited – was such an amazing moment, hearing first our son get up, then his excited voice as he went to wake his sister up. Hearing the excitement in their voices as well as their patience at times being tested to the extreme – for a kidContinue reading “A Very Merry Christmas With Wonderful Family <3”

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 – From my family to yours!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours and all the best for the New Year 2013!!! Looking back over 2012 we have had many great family memories and most important have watched both our kids grow another year older! Family fun in our very own backyard, with family and friends, enjoying a great summer atContinue reading “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 – From my family to yours!”

The Olivia Act… The Act Of Giving, Appreciating & Treasuring Photos Forever!

The Olivia Act was started by a photographer to give back after the tragic Newtown, CT shooting. Olivia’s family had professional portraits taken right before she passed away in the shooting and will now have these beautiful memories to cherish of her forever. I am located in Ontario, Canada and have a 6 year oldContinue reading “The Olivia Act… The Act Of Giving, Appreciating & Treasuring Photos Forever!”

The true meaning of Christmas… Family!

The true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with gifts and everything to do with family and loved ones. I had the honor of photographing a past clients new baby, to celebrate Christmas 2012 as their own family with their extended family. While editing their images my heart is so warm and full thinkingContinue reading “The true meaning of Christmas… Family!”

Our kids and what they love… moments & memories!

Our kids… In the wake of what happened in Connecticut it is once again another insane reminder of how so many moments will one day become memories. Enjoy so much with your kids, embrace them and love them. Live.Laugh.Love and you can never take too many pictures!!! Never take your loved ones for granted. ShareContinue reading “Our kids and what they love… moments & memories!”