Little man and his love of hockey | My little boy

I love my little man, he has the most awesome combination of his dad and I and loves hockey! I grew up with brothers who played hockey and I loved going to their games and cheering them on. I am thrilled our son was interested in hockey and being his 2nd year is enjoying it even more 🙂

Its so funny to watch these boys and girls play. Our boy loves to go to the Patriots Jr C Hockey Games and at times watches the big boys too much 😉 How they come out and warm up skating around the net hehe! It’s also quite obvious who the photographers child is as he skates by waving big 😉 Yes I’m proud!

Now… The pics!


He LOVED the face off!

The boy loves to have “his” audience lol!



If you also love hockey… Our lil man’s team is playing during the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots 1st intermission this Sunday November 25th!!! Come on out and cheer on the big and little boys 🙂

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