Sunday Photo Tips… Your own kids – down on their level

When photographing your own kids my favourite is to get down to their level. Yes this means laying on the floor, ground, grass… Wherever, and the results are so worth it! You are on their level, capturing just how small these little people are and most times it’s when you can capture those little things about them and their personalities that really show who they are!

Get down and photograph up, their feet, playing, how they sit, stand, run, jump, the vast amount of space surrounding their little bodies.

In my case, hubby was working late so I set them up a picnic in the living room, they brought chairs in, so I let them get comfy and got on the floor.

When you are trying to capture your kids – or any kids for that matter being “them”, let them be them, let them dictate how you will photograph.

Also when photographing kids remember to use a shutter speed twice the length of your lens – at minimum… Kids move fast! Experiment with upping your iso, embrace the grain when shooting indoors and get that shutter speed at least 1/200 or preferably 1/250 th.

Think beyond the traditional perspective of photos and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results … and fun memories!




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