Sunday Photo Tips… Getting above them!

Another perspective for taking photos is to get up… this is an angle I do not as often however its great to get of the kids sitting, laying, or playing in the grass or even inside. Mommy just has to get up higher than then, shoot some frames and then ever so calmly call theirContinue reading “Sunday Photo Tips… Getting above them!”

Sunday Photo Tips… Your own kids – down on their level

20121019-Kids-WM-12, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. When photographing your own kids my favourite is to get down to their level. Yes this means laying on the floor, ground, grass… Wherever, and the results are so worth it! You are on their level, capturing just how small these little people are and mostContinue reading “Sunday Photo Tips… Your own kids – down on their level”