Bring back Fall!

20121001-328C5065-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I just love fall, gorgeous warm sunlight, vibrant colours, cool crisp evening air… Which this year was very short lived, and now the rain we missed out on during the summer is gracing our daily lives with showers. The beauty of Fall was just beginning, aContinue reading “Bring back Fall!”

There’s a new park in town…

20121005-328C5181-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. It’s close to our house too mom!!! The excited voice of the children when they realize where it is and that it would be “so easy” to bike to, next year! The perfect size for our two Littles, this new ride being a favorite, just hangContinue reading “There’s a new park in town…”

Proud Hockey Parents!

20121014-RAMS-WM-17, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Our little man was so excited to go to the BIG arena and play after the “big boys”! Last year he loved being a part of the team, loved even more for us and family to see him, this year he’s really taken off going afterContinue reading “Proud Hockey Parents!”