Its a Jeep thing…

Its a Jeep thing!


Sure don’t want to sound like Im bragging, I know Ive talked about it alot LOL, nothin like that, I just really reaaaally love my Jeep! This above pic was when my girl and I left the boys and went on a tour of our own. Will have to get the soft top off soon and get my hard top on!

Kids on a photo tour with the mama… Cars loves it when we go down a dirt bumpy road haha!


Mama and her new ride!


My Jeep at one of my fav places ever…

Can you see hubby’s big grin 😉


Ready to roll!

Saugeen Shores-20120903-00838-WM



And the day my Jeep arrived… day after my Birthday 🙂 Hubby planned that out awesome!!!

“Jeep girls like it topless & dirty!”

Now to find a good off roading tour around here!!!

Anyone know of any good off roading trails or roads in Southwestern Ontario for Jeeps? We would love to go for a ride and of course photograph 😉

And… the Jeep that started this for me – well Ive always loved Jeeps, but it was when I saw this one at the Mopar North Show at Hanover Chrysler that I looked at my husband and said … forget the Durango THIS is what I want! Now to pick out the extra bit of “bling” for my Jeep – like the chrome in the grills, looking at putting chrome on the door handles too!

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