Its the little things in life… and little peple

Yes life truly is about the little things… and the little people.

Heck my life, at this point, revolves around two little people. Which somedays is both good and bad. Would I change it for any other way – NO that is without a doubt. Does it make life, interesting? Yes that is most certain.

These two little people who growing up I knew I wanted to have in my life, who after I got married I cried for days, upon months not know when or if I could have, that moment with both of them I found out they were inside of me and the moment our eyes first met, moments I remember like yesterday and would never ever give back.

And then there are moments, well lets give today as example, late last night getting home from the cottage, albeit they did sleep on the way home and we did leave in good (cottage) time, it was still at their bedtime when we left. So the day I knew would be off to a rocky and slow start.

I love my children, however there are times Im on the edge of like lol, don’t judge me, every parent has had this thought, I love them unconditional and like them even more when after an… ahem, challenging time, mommy gets to have a “time out” – when daddy gets tagged in 😉

A morning where NOTHING can be found, well that is except by mommy with a child a foot away or explaining on and on why breakfast is so important, yes even when you think you aren’t hungry you must eat – remembering I must take my own advice on those days I don’t feel hungry. Or getting them off the bus and in for a snack before we head out for hockey practice, yes once again I am “forcing” them to eat – such a bad mom… mommy why do I have to eat? At this point I laugh, because, well when they grow up and have wee ones themselves (yes those words hold true from our parents) they will see what we mean! Or reminding them we only have so much time and we can do this, that and the other when we come home, I think I saw a couple turtles circle the house as we were “getting ready” – no I am not “that” mom who says that to the kids, heck mine would probably laugh if I did.

As a parent trying to use all opportunities I can to be a life lesson, one of them… being late, we experienced this last week – could have been the week before, whenever… when the bus came… and went. This was not a fun life lesson for the kids, however it did sink in. This morning however it was the socks… which could not be found anywhere, well until mommy walked in the room, yup literally 😉 – perhaps the solution is to keep the socks upstairs at the door … hmmm that just might solve one of my morning issues.

Really what it comes down to though – as none of this was awful, horrible or bad – just frustrating in the situation, kids need sleep, organization and to eat. If they have all three they are so amazingly happy. So I can cover sleep. I can cover eating. My challenge with my little sweet darlings… organization! They love when I get something completely organized, even tell me what a good idea it is and how great it is to be “organized”, unfortunately in a kids world this is short lived. Which makes a challenge for a working mom. If you drop by and it looks like a bomb went off – oh no, thats my kids making memories… I really do try to keep it to their livingroom downstairs 😉

An on going challenge for us, our littlest one, such a sweetheart, but very stubborn – I really do not know where she gets it from. Has an issue, at times, going #2 on the potty. This makes for a very grumpy mommy when this happens over and over and over again. Kind of like trying to break the boy of his thumb sucking habit – but much much worse. She is such a big girl, until it comes to this. Little miss even saw mama getting teary and told me she would “make mommy proud” – didn’t that push me over and the waterworks were flowing. Ive admitted to her mommy doesn’t know what or how to help her, that mommy does get frustrated, Ive even told her mommy understands – all in hopes to get her to move forward. Mommy even was, ok still is, taking it personal, what did I do wrong, what should I have done different, she is such a great & smart kid but why this issue.

If Ive learned anything as a parent its that alot of us have experienced many of the same things, not exact, but similar and there is no reason to feel ashamed. I continue to remind myself kids develop and go through things differently and one day, one day this will end. Even with days when they take their time, at the above mentioned snail pace, for getting ready, it can be frustrating, but I also appreciate their own pace and value of time, to not feel rushed but to rather have things laid out in a timely manner. Mama works best this way too. Life can get in the way, make things feel too rushed, when really all it takes is a moment to step back and re-evaluate. One of my sons best qualities is his appreciation and assistance with organizing and cleaning. When mama feels disorganized and out of sorts, the little’s feel it much more!

Tonight however was a night I felt myself reaching my own breaking point, feeling all of the above emotions skipping, walking and running through my head. An evening where you swear the kids whispered to each other about how ticked they know mommy is and how they need to do the cutest things ever – like singing so sweetly together on the way home – and then being good as gold coming in, bringing their things in and going for some cartoon time while waiting for dinner. When hubby came in, he was tagged into the parenting role while mama had an hour “time out”. Going out for a cruise with my Jeep and camera 🙂

To return home feeling fresh, to my wonderful hubby and two amazing kids. Sure at times they might make life challenging, but they truly MAKE LIFE! Those sweet little voices when I walke through the door annoucing MOMMY IS HOME made my night and put everything back into perspective. We may be making our way over a few speed bumps, but that is nothing to the hill in life we will climb for many more years.

Life isn’t perfect, it is real and it is an experience in more ways than one. Anyone who tells you it is perfect, really is missing out 😉

They may make some days feel like a challenge, we may have to repeat some things more than once, but in the big picture they are awesome kids and we are lucky to be their parents. Tomorrow is another day and I can’t wait to see their smiling faces… at 7am 😉

Most imporant of all… they truly have helped shape the people we are today !

Parenting and even marriage are no different than my full time job. All require alot of love, fun, enjoyment, education, effort, team work, patience, dreams and goals to be successful!



Published by Your Life As Art Essentials - Pamela Zmija

My name is Pam, I am a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. I inspire and educate mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally by being empowered and educated in their own homes! I am creative and conscious about the value of a dollar and am driven by goals and dreams! #oilyphotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife

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