Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!

Thursday we had the pleasure of representing JJ McLellan & Son and golfing in the Mount Forest Minor Hockey Golf Tournament to raise money for the league! We had a BLAST! I haven’t been golfing in 4 years, we went for my birthday with my brother and sister in law and it was hilariously fun, the wee miss was just a wee babe then!

Our anniversary was just 2 days before so this was somewhat of our “date” until our true weekend away to celebrate comes in about a month (yay!)!.

As much as I did fumble that darn little white ball I did actually have a few good shots – a couple we even played off of ! Hehe I didn’t rub it in toooo much 😉 All in the game of fun right!

We lucked out with a gorgeous day! I could have photographed every hole we were on, actually the guys sometimes had to say “um Pam its your  turn get over here”  hahaha!

I had the honour of being asked by one of the owners of Pike Lake to photograph not only their golf course but also the entire company to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, that was last year, I also had a tour by my little bro who is very familiar with the course and one place both one of the owners and my lil bro mentioend was to go down through the trees on the board walk bridge. Gorgeous! So of course while going through I made the boys stop so I could capture another shot. Last year when she had me come out and do photos was early July, so it was nice to get some fall colour.

This next hole was a challenge to “Beat The Pro” Greg Shaw was a good sport 😉 Hubby and Lil bro made it closest to him, but he was still a few feet closer to the hole. Ah well.

This game was to win a BBQ… we didn’t do well LOL!

Hubs taking his shot.

Our golf carts… yes I was photographing whatever because the colours were just so amazing, the sky and fall colours of the leaves. Just beautiful!

Mama even makes it into a couple frames 😉 Thanks to hub’s for capturing this and to lil bro for capturing the ones of hubs and I together!

More golf carts, this time with the boys in it, the colours were to awesome to just continue driving on !

This was a sweater on, sweater off hole – there were a few of those that day, into the shade then the gorgeous warm sun!~

See what I mean… gorgeous fall colours!!!

We had a great time! Very much looking forward to next year… in the mean time coming home and telling our lil man all about how much fun it was and mommy showing them the photos he is now quite eager to get out there and test out his clubs his auntie got him last year for his birthday! 🙂

I think I see a family golf outting in our future!



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