8 years later… road of life and love!

Just the other day we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary together! Years later, our share of ups and downs, amazing life moments, love, saddness … its all held us together and with each passing day makes us and our marriage that much stronger! From man & woman, to husband & wife, to daddy & mommy…Continue reading “8 years later… road of life and love!”

Support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots & Enjoy… PIZZA!

Want to help support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots… now its as simple as buying a pizza! New Orleans has teamed up with the Mount Forest Patriots to have a PATRIOTS NIGHT and the best part… they have been so very generous to donate 50% of sales to the Patriots Jr C Hockey Team!!!Continue reading “Support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots & Enjoy… PIZZA!”

Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!

Thursday we had the pleasure of representing JJ McLellan & Son and golfing in the Mount Forest Minor Hockey Golf Tournament to raise money for the league! We had a BLAST! I haven’t been golfing in 4 years, we went for my birthday with my brother and sister in law and it was hilariously fun,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!”