Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!

Ive always love being busy, love having a to-do list, however with my hours being re-arranged with back to school and new work responsibilities (that Im loving) Im slowly but surely fitting into this adjusted role of a fulltime working mom while still enjoying my photography as well (my sanity saver lol).

Summer is such a crazy time – busy time with friends and family, nope not much got done as far as organizing in my new office or at home… which does make things interesting when fall season begins and the phones are rining (love that !!!) or when I come home with the littles and they want to be outside… how could I resist. Granted I am lucky to have a laptop I can bring outside to work on 🙂

Decluttering has begun (again) at our house… I do love this time of year, however it always seems as though things get worse before they can get better – much the same as life in general 😉 The kids grow like two little weeds and Ive accumulated another pile of things they’ve grown out of. Loving the fact that we are clearing out clothing that not only the kids have grown out of but also that hubby and I are no longer wearing, feels SO good.

Fall is my favourite time of year, moreso because we also got married in the fall and our first child was born in the fall as well 🙂 However now that it is fall its time again to tackle that honey-do list… the list that accumulated over the summer but was the first thing pushed aside to sit in the sun or enjoy the water and waves with family and friends at the cottage.

Why do I love fall, well the above is the obvious, the gorgeous fall colours – amazing opportunities for photography, warm sunny days and cool (window open for a breeze) evenings, cozy sweaters, back to the school routine (yes Im one of those moms lol I lose my routine in the summer when the sun doesn’t set til late), fall cleaning – yup another one of those I enjoy my spring and fall purges and deep cleans, more sleep- lol late summer nights they get me, new season of Ellen (love my PVR).

Another reason I really do love fall, I do more indoor photography with the kids, just in general because we are indoors more than we are in the summer. I love crankin up the ISO and getting some great shallow depth of field grainy shots of our everyday life. In the summer we have so much light that I really do not push the ISO limits.

One of the top things on my list… organizing my office. Now that Ive juggled my hours around I need to get my home office organized and much more functional – which also must have space for our couch which folds out to a bed whenever we have guests over. Anyone have any suggestions for a multi-task room or design ideas you want to share? Id love to hear them.

The next is organization for the kids school stuff…the things they are using everyday… back pack, lunch pail, and then there is notes from school, permission forms, school calendar, how and where to organize this in our kitchen so it is central and NOT on the fridge.

Yes when I say I cannot stand clutter – having things ALL over my fridge is also the same clutter feeling. I need design. I love showcasing my kids school work. Just not on the fridge.

Ahhh Thanksgiving is coming up, more time with family. Another favourite time of the year, any holiday or weekend we come together with family is always a good time. Hehe the great corn cook-off labour day weekend – awesome way to kick off the fall season.

Of course what else happens in fall… THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL!…


Yeah and I already blogged about the beauty (I love it – I worked hard for it, hahaha WORK hard for it, Im sure not done working) and Im soooo very much enjoying it.

So… kids back to school… they are so cute! The kids aren’t the only ones back to school, hubby also went back to school the same day as the kids for his last block in his Electrician training. I am so very proud of him, not only that he is back at school to get another license but that he is doing this for not only our family, but also for my family business. Makes me very happy that I have met someone and have a family with someone who has the same values and dreams as I do.

A quote I came across today I enjoyed…

YOUr life is what YOU make it and the choices YOU make 🙂

Very true, choices good and bad… something we have to live with, the choices we make, the path we choose, the way we choose to react to situations or real life. One thing we are instilling in our children (and is helpful with hubby back in school) is that they can be whatever they want to be, of course we love hearing that they, especially the boy, wants to work at the shop like Granpa and Daddy but we remind them it takes hard work, both at school and at home. No they aren’t perfect, but neither are we. They certainly have made us into the people we are today with our plans fortoday and the future, working hard to enjoy it all ❤

And… some gorgeous fall sunflare on the beach at sunset.

For those of you who are photography lovers like me… or even those of you who may have a slight interest in taking photos and would like to come out to join fellow enthusiasts – with the fall brings on the start of the MOUNT FOREST CAMERA CLUB!!! I am very excited. We have some awesome things planned for this year. If you are interested in coming out to the September meeting, please connect so that I can be sure you get a copy of our manual! .

One thing I would like to ensure we do this year of the camera club is share about our members individual talents. We have a range of people in our club from point and shoots to entry level dslr to mid/pro level and professional. As well as a variety of interests between all members.

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