8 years later… road of life and love!

Just the other day we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary together! Years later, our share of ups and downs, amazing life moments, love, saddness … its all held us together and with each passing day makes us and our marriage that much stronger! From man & woman, to husband & wife, to daddy & mommy…Continue reading “8 years later… road of life and love!”

Support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots & Enjoy… PIZZA!

Want to help support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots… now its as simple as buying a pizza! New Orleans has teamed up with the Mount Forest Patriots to have a PATRIOTS NIGHT and the best part… they have been so very generous to donate 50% of sales to the Patriots Jr C Hockey Team!!!Continue reading “Support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots & Enjoy… PIZZA!”

Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!

Thursday we had the pleasure of representing JJ McLellan & Son and golfing in the Mount Forest Minor Hockey Golf Tournament to raise money for the league! We had a BLAST! I haven’t been golfing in 4 years, we went for my birthday with my brother and sister in law and it was hilariously fun,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!”

Taking a step back, puts everything in perspective!

Having made the decision to focus more on my own personal enjoyment and satisfaction of my passion for photography has been amazing! Capturing our moments as a family and with our family and friends, more recently being reminded the true value and appreciation of family photography with the loss of a loved one. Finally gettingContinue reading “Taking a step back, puts everything in perspective!”

Beautiful pictures… photography & life

Read this beautiful quote tonight! Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room… So if you see darkness in your life be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared! Are you enjoying your beautiful picture? Darkness… ? Another reason I adore photography, the images are beautiful reflection of life and life aroundContinue reading “Beautiful pictures… photography & life”

Minor Hockey Golf Tournament | Pike Lake Golf Course

Minor Hockey Golf Tournament, a set on Flickr. Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking part in the Mount Forest Minor Hockey Golf Tournament held at Pike Lake. What a gorgeous day, beautiful sunshine and amazing fall colours! I am not an “avid” golfer, but I had a blast and even outshot the boys aContinue reading “Minor Hockey Golf Tournament | Pike Lake Golf Course”

Healthy thyroid can help you burn fat | Chatelaine.com

Healthy thyroid can help you burn fat | Chatelaine.com. I had to share this because not only do I have PCOS I also have Hypothyroidism. ¬†Two illnesses that work together to literally sucked your energy and help you gain weight fast… Among other fun things they cause as well! This isn’t the first time IContinue reading “Healthy thyroid can help you burn fat | Chatelaine.com”

Children and Marriage

Things out of the mouth’s of babes. I love hearing the logic our kids come up with. Especially when they talk about marriage and family. One day the miss began talking through the family and about mommy’s mom and dad and how much SHE would miss her mommy and daddy if she didn’t live withContinue reading “Children and Marriage”

Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!

Someday’s I look at these two little people and think wow, just how much is going on in your little heads. I love their logic, I love their reaction and how they figure things out. Its so innocent, so refreshing, so pure. This morning the little’s missed the bus, taking their time getting ready, unableContinue reading “Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!”