Stop & Smell The Flowers ~ Depth Of Field

This month for our camera club – Mount Forest Camera Club we are taking photos in relation to Depth of Field. My FAVOURITE way of shooting is with my lens WIIIIIIDE open.

This past week Ive had fun shooting everything and anything my kids have been doing, even actually our “new” neighbour at the farm next to us – he is such a cutie! A new baby foal. The little miss and I took a walk over to meet him. On the way over, Miss had to stop and smell the flowers. She loves picking flowers for mommy <3.

This image was shot with my 70-200mm f2.8 on my Canon 5D MIII and it was shot with an aperture of 2.8 – which is wide open for this lens.

Isn’t this little guy gorgeous!

This was also shot with the same lens and camera and at 2.8.

I was totally just playing around with this next shot, but I like it. Bokeh Baby Horse.

This photo I took looking t hrough the fence towards the horses from our yard, but focused on the grass closest to the lens. Loving the creamy background.

This image of the kids, I specifically focused on the grass which was on the same focal plane as the kids were, and is why they are in focus and why the grass ahead of them is not.

I am pushing myself for more unconventional shots, shots that I used to take a lot of but had fallen by the way side. One of my favourite past-times which photography involves is just sitting back and watching the kids interact and capturing shots.

Next I need to push myself to take photos which have the aperture closed down more… this is something that unless its a scenic landscape shot, I rarely do…

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2 thoughts on “Stop & Smell The Flowers ~ Depth Of Field

  1. Love the horsey shots. I’ve got two friends with new foals that I’ll be visiting soon!!! Cannot WAIT!

    1. No doubt you are excited! I adore living beside these beauties! Such gorgeous animals!

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