Remembering someone special. Life is too short.

Today we remember someone who was taken from us too soon, someone who was like a 2nd father to me and my siblings and even was so very close with my husband. Someone who I truly with my kids were able to get to know. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

A reminder that life is too short. Love the ones you are with, enjoy the time you have, savour in the moments and let go of the past. Always move forward remembering cherieshed memories and know that although it is painful they are no longer here, you will never lose those memories.

Today will always be a hard day. Looking at my computer this morning when I got into work as soon as I saw the date, my heart froze. He wasn’t “family” but he and his family always will be a part of our family. Many times I would love to have heard his words of wisdom, but ultimately knowing exactly what he would have said. Much like my own dad, he will always be someone who I looked up to.

Also a reminder that no matter how hard you think your own life is, be thankful you are here to enjoy it with your family.

In life there is no time for regrets, no time for going back or wishing you had done this or that. This is the life we have been given so make it worth living! 

Im very thankful for the memories I have with him and his family and the relationship we still have with his family, who is very much a part of ours. He wouldn’t want us to cry… he would want us to remember the good times and tonight to “share” a drink in his honour! RIP…

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