Crying child, barking dog and a tired mommy

The irony in this post is so darn funny, as I’m sitting here listening to our youngest cry, our dog out front barking at people walking by, I look into our dining room at the things still sitting on the table to be finished sorting and made comment to my hubby when I tagged himContinue reading “Crying child, barking dog and a tired mommy”

Simple things. Cherish those you love. Life is too short!

Today marks the day of the anniversary of a loved one. Very much with a reminder to appreciate all the simple things in life. Life gets busy, days go by. We are taking this reminder, the memories of someone we love as a step forward. Unlike most loved ones we have lost, this loss wasContinue reading “Simple things. Cherish those you love. Life is too short!”

Remembering someone special. Life is too short.

Today we remember someone who was taken from us too soon, someone who was like a 2nd father to me and my siblings and even was so very close with my husband. Someone who I truly with my kids were able to get to know. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.Continue reading “Remembering someone special. Life is too short.”