Baring it all with a SOOC

I am not one who shoots and then uploads or gives people their images, gosh no that’s truly like baring it all! For me, photography is an art, it’s a way of self.expression as well as capturing beauty in my subjects and surroundings.

When I am shooting everyday snaps of my kids and family, even though they are snaps, I still process them, most of the time I process solely in Lightroom 4 specifically for the ease of making adjustments and then exporting the files to a jpg and even those files I want watermarked.

This image above I previously quickly edited in LR4.  Having some down time today I played around with this image, took my settings back to SOOC of when I shot it. I then did my slight adjustments in LR with white balance specifically.

Then I took this into CS5 Photoshop and completed the editing of the image.

There is many arguments on whether a photo should come out of the camera exactly as you want it, I am the believer that the artist/photographer needs to put their touch on it in post production. Especially when dealing with children, I know my settings I use to take the photo which provide me the exposure, depth of field, lighting etc. There are times that if I was concerned with getting a shot bang on exactly as real life or better, in camera, the shot would be lost.

I do a lot of in camera work when I take the photo, such as the exposure, depth of field, some parts of composition, my final touches happen when I take my photographs into LR and CS5 to put my signature on them!



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