Let the Soccer Season Begin!

The kids started soccer last week.

Our boy is playing with the “big boys” this summer. Its going to be a learning curve for him but we know he is up to the challenge. His personality is showing much more, he is very much like both his dad & mom reserved, yet when he feels comfortable he goes for it and is very determined.

The miss was SO excited she scored… she actually did a complete 180 from last year – she was the one pushing the boys around to get the ball and score on the net! Yes this girl is reserved for perhaps a couple minutes and then has the determination of both her parents.

As a parent I love watching our children grow and seeing little pieces of each of us coming out in them, as well as seeing the similar personality traits that hubby and I do have as well.

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3 thoughts on “Let the Soccer Season Begin!

  1. LOVE the tongue sticking out!!! lol

      1. We call that a “Bowers” thing at our house!

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