I want results…

May 16th, 2012

I’ve always been a slightly impatient person, thankfully when I had my kids I did gain more patience, I had to, these little people were are quite demanding :P. I’ve always been strong willed and independent and always stand up for myself and what I believe in. Except when it comes to weight… which since in college has been a constant battle with an unknown reason to why until we tried to have a family. Yes I am enjoying vmax, I can feel that I am much stronger physically, it feels amazing to be able to work out and break a sweat without being in pain…

…and then comes out the impatient Pam. I am slowly toning, which is awesome, even my husband tells me everyday how great I am looking and quickly adds in how beautiful Ive always been lol 😉 , but I’m not losing, I know muscle weighs more than fat and I need to continue working harder… and I want to do this the right way, I don’t want to do anything extreme ‘just to lose weight’ … blah!

May 18th, 2012

After a very relaxing long weekend and allergies totally taking me down on Friday that I wasn’t able to go to VMAX that day – I spent my lunch sleeping I felt awful! I was very happy to get back at it today… first on the agenda since May 20th was my 1 month mark was to get my measurements taken to compare… I was nervous but I thought if anything even if Ive lost inches or even half an inch somewhere I would be very happy for all my hard work – most days I come out of there dripping in sweat!

I was SO happy when Tasha told me I had lost 3.75 inches!!! Ah yeah Im SO happy with that!!! Especially when its from the places I wanted to 😉 Not only does hearing that make me feel that much better, its given me something to actually see that I am doing good.

The best part though… I do not get pain when I exercise! Sure I do still get pain from the endometriosis but not like before my hysterectomy. By joining VMAX I was able to help build up my core strength… painless!

I am now a strong believer, VMAX does work – BUT … YOU have to work as well. The core and strength training exercises to do on the machine – works sooo great! Some people may think its too good to be true, but for someone like me who does have “invisible illnesses” its been a god send!

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