Our Family Dogs… Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labs

Growing up both my hubby and I had lab’s as our family pets. Since Hazel joined the family last spring we knew our next pup would be coming from the same place where mom and dad got not just Hazel but also Tara 8 years ago!

Its so fun watching these pups grow up! Our lil man Becker and Hazel are 6mths apart exactly, they are best friends and tire each other our perfectly! Our pups came from Cooperslane Kennel just outside of Arthur.

Tara is the black lab, Hazel is the chocolate lab and Becker is our boy he is the yellow lab! 🙂

These dogs have such an amazing personality – each of them so different and yet they all get along so well! Our boy is now the same height and size as Tara, miss Hazel has height over the both of them. But that has never stopped Beck, even when he was a baby, from tackling her!

And here is our boy…

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2 thoughts on “Our Family Dogs… Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labs

  1. We always had labs when I was growing up. When it came time for me to bring a dog into our family, I got golden. We’re now on second golden and they’re the best, sweetest dogs.
    Your furry family is adorable 🙂

    1. We’ve always had labs too, same with my husbands family. They are the BEST dogs! Especially for kids.

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