The value of hard work

I am feeling very blessed right now! Very blessed not only as a wife and mom but tonight also as a photographer 🙂

Tonight hubby came home with my brand spankin new Canon 5D Mark III!!!

I seriously have been working hard, saving, paid off our debt and saving for our future for years for this day to come, and I am SO proud!!! SO proud yet this was still a decision I had a hard time pulling the trigger on… until my hubby reminded me of why I deserve it and the talent in me he admires 🙂 <3!


I began using the Canon 5D Classic 2 years ago and fell in love! My trusty 40D has been my back up since. Although I love my 5D I knew the upgrade had to happen. As a natural light photographer who also shoots some sports I was feeling the lack of low light capability and speed… I most certainly have gotten my moneys worth of my 5D and it will now be my trust backup – or as my hubby says our boating camera as the new one is not allowed on the boat hehe 😉

I am so beyond excited, yet also very very humbled. Almost in disbelief that this day has come, see for me photography is not just something I do, its a part of me, its the way I capture my family and our memories together, clients I shoot for and most importantly its how I express myself, my love of art and creativity.

Now if this battery would just charge faster!!!

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