Saddle Shack – Photography for Avalon Magazine

I was graciously asked to cover the Cowboy Christmas at the Saddle Shack for Avalon Magazine (Twitter, Website and Facebook ) . Now that the Spring Issue 2012 has been released I have been given the go ahead to share my work!

You will have to pick up a copy of Avalon Magazine for not only the article about The Saddle Shack (Find all their info on Facebook & The Saddle Shack Website)  and even more within the magazine!

This photo is by far my favourite of the day!

I have always been a very firm believer in quality and not only that appreciating the quality and value of someone’s work, their talent and knowledge. Anyone who knows me knows I know nothing about horses, however what I do know is I appreciate a very well made product and the items you will find at the Saddle Shack are just that! Not only quality but they come from a man, a couple with a passion and appreciation for the art of leather work!

If you would like to view all edited photos from their Cowboy Christmas event please see them on my Flickr Site – Saddle Shack .

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Pam

2 thoughts on “Saddle Shack – Photography for Avalon Magazine

  1. Pamela, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos… I love the photo you tagged as your favorite of the day too! Cheers, Linda

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