My boy

IMG_3626WM by {PZ.Photography}
IMG_3626WM, a photo by {PZ.Photography} on Flickr.

This boy is growing up, it’s almost hard to believe he was once as small that he was, haha much like our kids 😉 He is turning into a very busy boy, thankfully not as busy as his aunt Hazel, but he’s into his chewing stage – I need to find lab proof chew toys ha! I don’t think those exist. The kids and I went and bought him more chew bones tonight, which have kept him busy and his teeth away from the kids toys, husband’s crocks and my books – one of which he literally shredded this morning… In minutes! He is a very busy boy but am I ever glad he is in our life! I couldn’t imagine a better dog than what Elwood was and he is darn close to the amazing family dog our boy Elwood was, we just get to enjoy lab puppy stage with our 4 and 5 year Olds in the ‘i need this toy, then that and oh I forgot to take it back downstairs lol. They certainly are excellent with him and a big help with feeding, letting him out, in, playing with him etc. He is a happy part to our family, even if he sheds like crazy and chews haha!

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