Hockey and our Boy

I always knew from the moment I knew I wanted to be a mom, that I wanted a boy and a girl. More specifically I wanted my boy first and then my girl, so he could watch over her. I do not know what I did to be so lucky to have these dreams come true, however I honestly do treasure every moment with them. Even the hard times because it reminds me that life is far from easy and that they have an awesome Daddy who is the other half of “team conception” lol !

This boy is a true BOY! He loves working with Daddy, going to the shop, watching racing, and most importantly Hockey! I have such a proud moment when I hear him talking about how he is going to grow up and work at Granpa’s shop and always go to school, even when he is big. Just like Daddy. I am so proud that he knows mommy and daddy work hard so both he and his sister can do fun things and it warms my heart when we go somewhere and HE offers to pay for something for us… even if he only has a small amount of change – its the thought and it matters SO very much!

Some shots of his last game!

Daddy watching his boy!

Madison and her friend watching their big brothers !

He was SO excited to get to wear this shirt for the first game!!!

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