Innocence… can equal happiness

in·no·cence   /noun

1.the quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong.
2.freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness: The prisoner proved his innocence.
3.simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté.
4.lack of knowledge or understanding.
5.harmlessness; innocuousness.

Expanding on the word of last week “Innocence”… some more reflection. When I first think of innocence, I think of the pureness of our children.

What else does Innocence mean… For me – Do what makes you happy, not what others will think. When you look back on your life be proud, proud of your life, your family, your accomplishments, your success! Living a pure, happy, loving, honest life, working hard making a living-but most importantly, making a life!

What makes me happy…

My family-my husband, my kids, my extended family, my pets, my close friends

Photography-my passion, my artistic expression

Writing + Sharing my Photography-I adore writing, I always have. Years ago I wrote poems, I also took art lessons. Photography is my medium of choice and post processing is my final touches. I am proud to share my photography much like an artist is her painting or a fisherman is his fish!

Working Hard-I am a numbers gal, always have been, always will be. I run a tight ship but always make room for fun 😉 Working hard and enjoying the fruits of our hard labour. Planning for today and as well for both our and our children’s future.

My other enjoyment of life being outdoors, boating, hockey, cooking, music, wine. All of it ignites a part of me that is like a breath of fresh air, relaxing, renewing, refreshing. Spending life doing things I enjoy and with people I enjoy being with.

Innocence is not being fake,  or living a lie or hurting those you love. It is being true, being true to yourself, your spouse, your kids and your life. Life is what you make it and if you aim high and live a true honest life you will achieve and touch the sky. Living a simple life and appreciating what you have been so very blessed with, not taking a day for granted.

Everyday I enjoy our children and their pure natural innocence, I know I am not ready to have them begin losing parts of this, however I know I cannot keep them small forever! Yesterday our lil girls asking HOW the doctor got her brother and her OUT of mommy… Or tonight after their jammies and a book and they each had a massage she says to me ‘massages give the best sleeping power, I will sleep good tonight!’. Or our lil man who is so proud when he ‘has’ to go help daddy and he comes to tell me that ‘i have to go help daddy do work mommy I’ll be back and puts his hat on just like dad, he feels soooo special even if it’s a small job.

Innocence, it’s amazing for both children and adults… Especially when you listen to those who are so far from it… You know ‘those’ people lol – just laugh. Might be hard some days but really you cannot truly get anywhere in life without honest work and an honest (innocent) life 😉

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