The blog post for the story word is Innocence. What better word than our children and our puppy – who is almost full grown.

Our sweet children, albeit their looks can be deceiving at times hehe, they truly are innocent little people trying to figure out the world. Some of the things they come out with is logical, magical, inventive and inspiring. Its amazing that children at any age as they grow can come up with things or figure them out. Their innocence truly is inspiring, not a care in the world except their family and friends. They have a small fight with a friend at school, use their words and get over it. They know the most important thing is family and talk about “our family” non stop. They are so gentle and sympathetic for anyone (including animals) or when they talk of our loved ones or pets in Heaven. Their amazing care and concern and genuine interest in everything mommy and daddy do, wanting to spend time with just simply snuggling and talking about our day. Their true desire to help us or their teachers out with chores and cleaning up. Most of all the way their tiny little hands and arms wrap around us to say I Love You and give us a hug.

These two little people and our lil fur baby are so very innocent yet full of a pure innocent love!

I’m sure I will capture more of their innocent moments, perhaps some innocent sayings lol 😉

On a side note I love how much our children resemble us… especially our son who has his daddys gorgeous blue eyes! Love that our son has a feature that truly drew me to hubs in the first place 😉 ❤

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