Things kids say…

I have been meaning for a while to begin writing down things the kids say. So I am now going to include this in my blog – especially now that its SPRING! LOVING this weather. Spring means more outside photography for me!!!

The other night when I picked the kids up from daycare, our littlest decided she was going to be a challenge, crying, saying she didnt want to come home with me, she doesnt like me, she doesnt like her brother, anything and everything she didnt like but yet didn’t want us to leave without her. This carried on from daycare, the entire way home and even after we got home. Of course on this blessed evening my husband had to work late… joy for the mama! Lol. I carried on about what I needed to do, get the BBQ started, prepare the meat for dinner, take clothes off the line, put dinner on the BBQ. All while miss was sitting fitting – over nothing really.

Then like a switch went off, she got up, fed the dog his supper and pleasantly came into the livingroom, looked out the terrace door screen at me (I was sitting on the deck) and said “Hi mom, I fed Becker!”. I merely responded with “Ok thank you, are you ok now?” to which she said “yes I am great now mommy”.

Hubby got home from work, just as we were finishing dinner, I fed them slightly later as they wanted to try and wait for daddy. They did eat up lots of meat, had an issue with the cream corn daddy bought (hehe and thought they would love) and our lil man went on to tell Daddy about how the lil lady didn’t listen to mommy at daycare. Of course she then pipes up and says “no I didn’t, but I am being VERY good now”, daddy reminds her that she needs to listen to mommy because when she doesn’t its not very nice.

The other night she also came up, part of the reason for her being SO over tired and for these melt downs, she is a flippin night hawk, both her father and I were as well as kids so I guess its a blessing just one of them is haha. She’s totally into princesses and magical powers, unfortunately her “sleeping power” ran out and she just couldn’t get to sleep last night – this started a couple weeks ago. As her parents we totally play into it, and so far so good! I am thankful that much of this behaviour is sleep related and last night they were both asleep at a much better time!

Our lil man was so proud to tell us this week about his BIG accomplishments – we always build up our kids confidence, with him we have been doing more of this being at “big school” and seeing how some of the other boys goof off etc – he sees it and he must join in or at times begin the goofing off to get attention. His BIG accomplisment this week was saying NO when some of the boys at daycare told him to call one of the girls names – Such a proud parent moment!!! He was SO happy to tell us as was his teacher when she reminded him to tell me and then when we got home he very proudly told daddy!

Random’s… this first one is from back in January

Somehow the kids got talking about couples, husband and wife and then that led to family, mady saying ‘well mommy what about YOUR family though’, and I said  ‘mommy and daddy are married now and WE are all a family now’, M then says to me ‘well what about grama and granpa they are your family’, I said ‘yes they are my family but now that Im married I live with my husband and kids.’

So she thought for a moment and then said ‘Oh mommy, but grama and granpa will be so lonely.’ of course I couldn’t help but laugh 😉 I said ‘no they have each other and erin is there too a lot,’ Carson then says ‘well Justin moved out though.’ So I reminded them that Justin still will go home the odd night for supper and we go sometimes for supper.

They thought more…

Then mady says ‘so we have two gramas and two granpas’, then carson says ‘no we have two granpas and one grama’, i said ‘remember mady your grama zmija, daddy’s mom is up in heaven’. She says back to me ‘Oh right mommy shes dead’. lol I said ‘well shes up in heaven mady’. Her ‘Right shes dead. Shes up in heaven dead with elwood and beau.’ Carson then says well just cause they are in heaven they do still have a brain.

And that was our drive to daycare and school in the morning! LOL we have had to talk to them about heaven as they unfortunately never had the chance to meet their Grama Zmija, however we’ve kept it low key for them – we actually relate it to butterflies (which is what our aunt told me and my siblings when my grandpa passed away). The butterfly leaves the cuccoon and flies up into the sky.

Another random… one evening hubs and I were getting ready to go out and miss M came into our room dressed in her princess dress and says to us ‘Oh hello, have you seen a little boy named Carson he looks like Spiderman’ LOL!

Here they are helping daddy get sticks for the fire lol

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