This week was a small milestone in our life, our baby turning 4!

I can’t help but be nostalgic. Think of how our dreams of parenthood began with such dissapointment and then with less than 18months we not only had our son, we then had our daughter.

During my life I have been blessed with so much, feel real love and have faced any challenges fearless. This past week bringing back these nostalgic feelings for me has not only reminded me just how blessed I truly am to have the family I always dreamed of having, but also for pushing through any fear and over coming the challenge.

One of these fears was when I had our daughter, throughout both of my pregnancies was a fear to me that I faced everyday, being in pain everyday during both, but also after being in labour with our son and then suddenly running into trouble and long story short ending up having an emergency c-secion. Suffice to say that when I went into labour with our daughter, not even 18mths later, I was scared! BUT I was SO determined that I was going to do it. In my heart I knew something was wrong when I was in labour with our son, I kept looking at my husband and saying ‘we have to do a c-secion its not going to happen’ and the ultimate fear of finally getting pregnant and what-if’s that could come from birth complications. While in labour with our daughter I faced that fear and it was the most amazing thing ever to experience a successful VBAC!

Its not a matter for me of “facing a fear” its naming that “fear” and seeing it as a small challenge, a speed bump really. For me anything to do with a challenge just gets me more determined, more focused and ready to come face to face. Perhaps its being blessed with the red hair and the strong personality to go with it.

The only fear in life we should ever have is thinking of what could happen if we didn’t stand up for ourselves. Always believe and stand true.

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