Happy Birthday to our Princess!

It is almost hard to believe just how much time has passed. The day our daughter was born and our family became complete.

I remember each of our children’s birth story’s like they were yesterday. With our Mady labour was nothing like Cars, contractions began while I was at the hospital in Guelph, waiting for my stress test. Oh and I was alone. My exact words to hubby, nothing will happen, even if he “helps” me along I will be fine. Of course hubby did know otherwise, but was not about to disagree with his very pregnant (red headed) wife.

I had went to my Doctor appointment that Thursday, the Doctor had my c-section scheduled for the following Monday, he asked if I wanted him to “help” me go into labour and see how things progress naturally to have a VBAC. He then sent me over to have a stress test at the Guelph General. My stress test showed baby was doing great and that I was having mild contractions. I got into the car and headed home and thats when it hit and hard!

Oh and I forgot to mention my poor mom had been diagnosed with Shingles and could not come near me OR the kids… thank god my sister was in college and could skip classes if we needed her.

I will never forget my drive home, on the phone with my husband off and on the entire way home, crying, in so much pain but persevering to get myself home to him and my son. Crazy I know. Something about redheads and being stubborn… haha! I got home and my sister rushed home from KW to stay with our son. Contractions continued but like I said were nothing like when I was in labour with Carson, with him it was horrible back labour. Around 11pm that night when contractions were still about the same I had a shower, the contractions stopped, I felt defeated haha I was ready to do this and now. However they slowly started up again. Around midnight I finally called the hospital and described what I was going through, to then learn that labour could be totally different with each child… hmmm perhaps we shouldn’t have dropped out of pre-natal classes!

So off to Guelph we went, thankfully they werent as busy as they were when Carson was born and I was admitted. I laboured through the night until I finally began hard labour around 3am, once again the epidural did not work (same as with Cars) and I felt everything… and of course remember it all too.

I will never forget seeing her after she was born – again something that is engraved into my memory of both children! Looking up at my husband and him saying to me “you did it shes here!~” SO amazing.

We are SO excited to truly celebrate our little princess this weekend … however on her birthday we had our very own celebration with our little family ❤

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