This is what I want to do…

When you can’t see the forest for the trees… you will miss out on so much !

Seeing my photo published in the Confederate representing the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival truly filled me with honour and re-ignited my passion!

This is what I want to do.

This is where my passion began, with my kids and our community. I provided these photos to the Chamber of Commerce for use in promoting the community. I co-created the Mount Forest Camera Club to bring photography enthusiasts together to not only learn from each other, enjoy being with other photographers but also to bring this enjoyment and art to the community.

As I took on sessions last year I began putting pressure on myself, pressure of what I “should” do or what was the “next” step. When really, there is no pre-determined “next step” in life – its what I CHOOSE. Truth be told last fall I felt the pressure come down on me hard – also with an upcoming surgery, the pressure was two-fold.

What do I want to do…

I want to thoroughly enjoy my custom photography. I will set limits and follow them. I will not feel bad for saying NO – this is a word that is so hard for me, I like to please. I will love and enjoy my photography. I take great pleasure in photographing our community and assisting in the growth and promotion with my photography. I enjoy being a part of the Camera Club without feeling any sort of competition at all, its a great feeling. Each of us as photographers, not only the ones in the club, but also photographers in general, we each have our own artistic eye which is true to us. If you put a group of photographers together and asked them to photograph a scene, everyone’s shot would be entirely different – and this is so amazing to embrace as an artist!

I want my photography to be custom, when I take on a shoot I want to truly be able to embrace my clients and provide them with what I stand behind as my style. Ironically this also has to do with a post I have been working on… Never sacrifice yourself. Also working in my family business, a business that has a very deep meaning to me as well, which I also am so fortunate to bring my photography into to showcase our work with the plumbing and heating, also family business that I am the 4th generation in! Business that one day I would also be honored to have my children joining us in. A full time business that will always be a part of my life.

In life setting limits is necessary, at times this can be very hard to realize and actually admit. Ironically I had been talking to my husband about this for a couple weeks now, I have even blogged previously about not taking on as many sessions this year and setting limits as to how many I would. Since making this decision I have had so much enjoyment in photographing my kids and family, capturing their moments, processing our photos… all without the pressure of pushing for more. When something I love and enjoy, begins to feel like work… you can begin losing the passion. Ironically this can relate to any relationship, always have fun, always feel passion!

When you take away the unrealistic misconceptions you are fully able to enjoy what it is you are actually doing. I admitted to myself that the more I felt I had to push my “business”, the less passion I felt. All of which had nothing to do with how many sessions I was actually getting, it had to do with my own mind set of what I thought “should” happen.

As an artist, I am unique and so is my photography.

This is how I want my photography to be showcased and known. I dont want to create a big grand business, I want my photography to represent ME, my family and my community. This is what makes me shine, this is what brings out the best in me. In life there is give and take, am I any less a photographer for making this decision, No. In actuality it is much like many of the other photographers around our area, I never wanted this to be a full time job for me, unfortunately I began putting pressure on myself to build a business all while working full time AND being a wife and mom. Something had to give. Anyone that has chosen me as their photographer I feel greatful, they value and appreciate who I am as a person and as a photographer, my style and artistic eye. This is what I will be known for. I treasure all of them and their images I have captured and created.

2012 truly is a year of change and opportunity for me… and for my family!

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