Why take the. Time?

Why have I begun blogging more?

When looking back through my photos from last year sure I had some, but I didn’t have as many from our daily life, I had our family trips or when we got our puppy however I had been so busy with sessions -which do not get me wrong was awesome – that I wasnt as motivated to pull out the camera at home.

Admittedly, this also had to do with my comfort and satisfaction, with my health I was always uncomfortable and in pain, which in turn literally sucked the energy and any motivation out of me. Somedays I am shocked at how much more alive I feel, how much more like ME I feel! How much more fun and enjoyment I now get out of life!

Why do I blog? Why do I take the time…

That is simple, it’s for me. Remebering all the fun times we had not only as a family, also as a couple and me an individual. It is for me to reflect on life, the good and the bad, to share my passion for photography, most likely some cooking and of course wine – we joined the Niagara Estates winery and are so excited to receive our first membership batches.

Life is and can never be planned, it happens, some of the most amazing things come from the ‘unplanned’ or unexpected to change our life in such an amazing way forever! Both of our children are the perfect examples of this, two of many, but the two most important. I have taken photos of the kids on a snow hill like this every year, they even remember, I just love looking back at how they’ve changed or using these photos to display as art in our home…

Your Life As Art

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