What our kids could teach us

Has anyone ever said anything to you and you seriously stop and think – do you realize what you just said. Then you think longer and realize yes they knew exactly what they just said, they actually believe it!

More times than not have I had the absolute pleasure of thinking this, why, because common sense is NOT common at all! Seriously… may sound crazy but its sad the amount of people who do not stop and think before they actually speak.

Ironically this goes quite well with the with.in word for the week “Knowledge”. The difference being common sense is your own personal judgement of what is right and wrong that doesn’t come from training or education – you “should” be born with this” Key word being should…

It seems to be that as adults who raise kids, we teach our kids to act a certain way but feel the parent is the exception of the rule. If you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you have a problem with someone use your words and do not fight. You cannot get anywhere without hard work. School is very important for you to learn. You must try at least everything on your plate. No snacks before bedtime.

Seriously the list could go on and on, as parents we can almost be hipocrits when dealing with each other. Kids are SO much smarter than we give them credit for. No I am not perfect, I would never claim to be. However since having kids I have gotten better at thinking before I speak. Having gone through infertility and dealing with SO many people who, if they were in my shoes and heard what they just said to me, well they would be impressed that they weren’t on the floor. Perhaps it helps when in life you do go through the very trying moments where you begin to appreciate and truly empathize with what others could be going through. You have more respect and gratitute for life, people and things.

Having been through hard times, you cannot see it when you are there, but you come out stronger, when you have the pleasure of being around someone lacking common sense as annoying as it is you have the ability to smile and walk away. We teach our kids to use common sense but yet how can we expect them to follow our direction when they would rather follow our lead.

Kids are amazing and since becoming a mother the patience and unconditional love I have been blessed with is a gift. Since becoming a mother I know I have become a bettrr person and it is all because of them. I want them to be proud of every part of me, I want them to see their mother for who she is as an individual, successful full time working mother and very dedicated wife.

As children we are taught to be polite, respect others, work hard and plan for the future. where along the path of growing up do adults begin to lose these teachings. Where working hard has little meaning, honestly is the story of the day and planning for the future is spending without a care.

I read a quote today that is so very fitting…

“Sometimes its better to be kind than to be right. We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens.”

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