One day I’m gonna miss this…

Having two kids so very close in age can one minute be so much fun and the next a headache, but all in all they are such a blessing. I did however find myself saying this morning, yes one day I’m going to miss this. LOL although this morning it was said with a very sarcastic voice. Then we get in the van to head off to daycare and school, they immediately ask me to turn up the music and start singing. Yes they’re not perfect, heck I’m not perfect either but damn do these kids love tunes and bustin a move!

I have no shame in admitting that being a parent is so tough some days, especially with health issues, doesn’t help me or them or hubs. But even though this is the hardest job ever, it truly is the most rewarding. With them being so close in age they can go from best friends to enemies in minutes and quickly back, heck that’s with any siblings though. They warm my heart looking out for each other and helping. Tonight while Jaz and I were folding laundry Carson purposely finished his bath first so he could help us and more importantly help put his sisters clothes away.

In a perfect world we would have issue free mornings and bedtimes,and most days are, however its when they are “in” their moment that as a parent I can be very hard on myself, and then I see another child our kids age, doing the same thing and it makes me smile, it makes me smile because I’m not alone, yes as a parent it is a hard and rewarding job, and without a question I would not trade a minute of this for anything. Being parents can certainly bring out the best, and perhaps even at times the worst in us.

I am very proud of them, yes some days are a crazy challenge, I am thankful that is not everyday, its knowing they truly do look up to us. They really show interest in what mommy and daddy actually do for a living, they know that mommy and daddy work to pay for things and so we can do fun things together. It warms my heart hearing Cars talking about working like daddy and granpa and even Mady told me she wants to be a ‘worker girl’ but in the office like mommy. As a parent I am so proud at each of them as a their own little person, its amazing to see and hear their little personalities. Even Carson knows talents his mommy doesn’t have can be saved by grama, with her sewing 😉

No everyday isn’t easy, and there isn’t anything wrong with admitting that. It doesn’t make me any less of a mom or wife, in fact it makes me a better wife and mom when I have no shame in admitting defeat and tag teaming the littles off with hubby or even scheduling out of the house date nights or weekend away.

As a parent I already do miss lots of things, like when they were babies and just slept and ate or had nap times hahaha no seriously though (I know I’m not the only one to think that 😉 ) I love looking back at our photos and see how much they’ve changed, I even pulled out some clothes from when they were both babies to show them just how tiny they were. Thank god it was only Carson who asked how he got out of my tummy, and by how, he meant HOW! LOL . I’m not THAT ready to see them grow up, kids in general are learning a loooot more than I did at their age, all the more reason for us to have a very close relationship with them and do as much talking that we do.

As frustrating as these two little people can make us feel, hearing them talk about “our family”, their little kisses, singing songs in the van while we are all laughing, making jokes, snugglin in our bed all together (thank god we havena king) I would do all of these frustrating moments again to have these amazing ones that we treasure oh so much! I could sit and look at photos over the years for hours.

Yes one day I am gonna miss this… but really in all honesty I love each and every new stage they hit, another benefit having oir kids so close in age we are able to do more new things with them each year that they can all enjoy! As we are all eagerly await… boating season lol to get our new boat out!!!

… hmmmm on the flip side, one day they will grow up, move out and then it will be mommy + daddy’s turn to have time dedicated to ourselves 😉  hahaha who am I kidding we see mom + dad all the time, I would most certainly want the same for our kids!

I do have photos to share but will have to download from the camera. They also fit in with the word this week – Knowledge! Now I just need to find a few more for “Time”!

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