Follow me and I’ll give you wine

hahaha no not really but I bet it got your attention didn’t it… 😉

Being a mom and photographer, when my passion was growing I was a very eagerto learn mom with a camera… with the availability and excellent prices of dslr camera’s it is now at a point where all cameras are much more closer in price – and that’s dslr’s and point and shoots in comparison! You can buy a used dslr with warranty for not much more than a point and shoot.

Obvioulsy not everyone who buys a dslr wants to be a photographer and go into business, mind you lots do lol, however for those mwac – moms with a camera… what questions or what would you like to learn to help you take better pictures of your kids?

I am thinking this would be a fun blog post… if anyone has any questions or would like to ask anything click on the bubble at the top of the post to leave a comment or follow my blog for updates 🙂 sorry I canr ship wine but we could “share” a glass while reading lol.

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2 thoughts on “Follow me and I’ll give you wine

  1. You’re lucky I don’t drink – I’d hold ya to the wine! lol

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