A little sunshine goes a long way…

This morning waking up it was so nice out, the sun was shining, I could actually feel the heat on my back while walking my kids into school. Then by lunch at home with our puppy, I took him outside to throw his favourite ball and it was bitter cold and windy.

Its amazing how far a little sunshine really does go for everyone, not just me, my kids, my husband, even our dog has much more fun when the sun is shining outside. So remembering what I told my lil man this morning when dropping him off – to enjoy the sunshine while they played outside and soak up all that good vitamin D, I picked them up some new gummy vitamins at lunch – Cars and Princess – very fitting for our two!

Its days like this that affects us all, that little thing that may  not have even crossed my mind yesterday may be a small flame that makes my blood boil or how easily the kids cooperated for us this morning could completely be thrown in my face tonight. However that is life, and when these dark gloomy days take away our sunshine we must make our own and that is what mine is above. I may not have a nice bright sunshine shining in my window, but when I look at these photos of my family together, nothing makes me smile bigger! Even though they aren’t of anything in particular, just us spending time together, its what matters, it is what makes me happy and content in life.

I took these photos yesterday just before the Daytona 500 was to begin, which then got rained out, tonight the race was on and it was hilarious listening to the kids bash us all when during lap 2 there was a wreck that took out some of our cars, they laughed SO hard when they thought it was mommy’s car who was taken out, but it turned out to be Carsons. Was certainly fun for some family digs and laughs 😉 Ah they are my sunshine! Life will never be easy but thknking of all that we are so very blessed with makes me so very thankful!

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