Light in Photography

I am loving the weekly word challenge on the website

Much like the theme our Camera Club goes with as well – last month it was Heart and this month it is Time. Awesome because everyone has a different feel, perspective and thought process on how to capture the theme word.

“Light makes photography.

Embrace light.

Admire it.

Love it.

But above all,

know light.

Know it for all you are worth,

and you will know the key to photography. “

– George Eastman

This photo I took of the kids one morning before leaving for work, it was SO nice out, the light just pulled us outside, this is my favourite type of light to photograph in ❤

One of my favourite places to photograph is the cottage on the beach… Carson captured this for us with lil lady watching over lol

Some overcast Winter light… 1st snowfall November 2011

 The last one’s I took last night, specifically to use natural light and push my ISO as it was into the evening. Kids eating their suckers from Dominican!

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1 thought on “Light in Photography

  1. Beautifully done! Love the shot you got this morning. I love back light ❤ It makes my heart sing. Thank you so much for being a part of 🙂

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