This week the word for is Light. I love this as I am a natural light photographer. The word light can be taken in some many more ways than just the light we see. Being a wife and mother there are plenty of moments where “I see the light” both of which being jobs in themselves. Or at work working on a dry subject such as health and safety, very important part of the business but not very interesting, getting into the end where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel is relief.

Warm light, cool light – many who know me know I prefer the warm light. Moody light and tones with my black and white images really give the photo a true feeling, even with the grain – many of my black and white photos are processed like this because I push my ISO to photograph in natural light.

What I love the most is the way my kids, our kids light up our life! This winter I have been using my camera more without the flash, I’m not a flash fan, as I said I am all about natural light. Most likely why I am so excited about this theme, I have so many photos of mine on my flickr page that are all natural light and of varying times, dates, seasons from bright morning sunshine, grey overcast afternoon to evening sunsets.

For me “light” holds so much, light is what makes me the photographer that I am. And being a photographer, even if most times its a mom-tographer is what captures our family’s most amazing moments, which make our children’s faces light up as if it were the exact day it was captured!

I will have lots of photos to share annnnnd gives me more to work forward with this week 😉

Happy capturing 😉 Pam

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