Romance… and Parenting

So this week on the word is Romance. With Valentines day this week, yes quite fitting. However Im the type of girl who wants Real.Life.Romance.Every.Day!

What is romance for me?

Love. Marriage. Being An Amazing Father To Our Children. Best Friends. Working As A Team. Little Things. Cooking. Cleaning. Respect. Fun. Holding Hands. Kissing. Hugging. Touching My Face. Massages. Music. Amazingly Hard Working. Talent. Dedication. Creative. Responsible.

Ramance for me is a combination of everyday things that we can do for each other to show we care. Of course the best part of romance is when we have time away from the kids to be completely alone. However just because we have the kids around does not have to take any romance out of the time. I want our kids to see we are in love andย that we show appreciation to each other.

The kids. With that comes the parenting. The hardest “job” ever, yet the most rewarding for sure! Today proved to be challenging, very actually and it makes me no less a mom to admit this. The best part is how we handled it as a team once hub’s got home. Of course we all have off days, today proved to be one of our son’s which then affects mom. Our babes is one reason I am no longer looking to expand my photography business yet I am motivating myself to capture more of our own memories. Something both our kids enjoy is looking at and talking about our family photograph’s.

Well that and music lol…

Ah the joys of parenting. But if you can still keep the romance alive even after a crazy day and evening… we’ll make it! Together as a team!

This is the year of growth for me and for our family, lots more changes, but the one constant is the love we all share as a family! As parents and lovers.

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