Week 1 – “Story” & Growth

I am loving this weekly word. Its really given me the motivation to get posting and sharing my art of photography. Especially my family memories! My story is on going, much like many or all of ours. One word that I was thinking of this past week was growth. I thought all week of how I would photograph this “word” to describe my story. However growth to me is surrounded by my family and we are always growing – the kids and dog literally and us as a family and me as an individual.

So…my story, the title for 2012 is “Growth – By Pamela McLellan-Zmija”.

Growth within myself, as a woman, a wife, mother, photographer and also as a daughter, granddaughter, neice, sister, aunt, and friend. I have always been a very strong willed, independent woman. I am quite happy and proud to have entered 2012 feeling not only strong willed and independent but also happier. Happier within myself with my health which contributes largely to my overall happiness. I am content, again a lot has to do with my health, but also in the move we made as a family last year to our new home. A home that fits “us” perfectly.

Putting all the stresses and difficult times behind us in the many previous years we’ve had through various situations and growing back together as a couple, as parents and as a family. Letting these difficult times be stepping stones to the growth I, and we can achieve together.

This “story” topic couldn’t have come at a better time, as throughout January I, myself and husband as a couple and our family of 4 have already been experiencing amazing growth together. The kids were no longer worried about mommy being tired or sore, which happened a lot, mommy and daddy were able to work so much better as a team and enjoy time together and as a family having fun. Its been a great month (actually couple of months since my surgery).

This photo below perfectly represents “growth” for me in a lot of ways. I took this Saturday night while hub’s and I were relaxing on the couch and as typical once we get our babes to bed, the pup joins us for cuddles on the couch. He has grown so much since we got him in September.

We grow everyday. On Friday our son’s report card came home and although he did quite well, the subjects he excelled in are exactly what hubby and I excelled in when we were in school. It was a proud moment of “growth” for us!  

Life Happens and it happens for a reason, some reasons are not clear to us at the time, some we may regret deeply and even those we grow from. Life will always give us stress, test our patience, make us want to scream and prove very difficult when health is involved. However thinking positive and always remembering how much I have to be thankful for will make it all worth it. The good times and the bad.

2012 is truly my year of growth… and love ❤

This week’s word is Romance… I am excited! Although Ive already shared romantic photos from when Hubby and I were in Niagara Falls for our mini-moon vacation, I’m excited to capture more which hold “romantic” meaning for me 😉 PG 13 of course!

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