Parents power + love

I can always count on my kids on days I am feeling down and even on days where I feel on top of the world.

Everything about them is real, honest and innocent. With power and love comes patience. They push, I open my heart, they pull I laugh. They push harder mama has a time out while daddy takes over for 15.

While sitting back tonight during my own self-given 15 min time out in our living room while watching the babes interact with their daddy in the dining room/kitchen… My heart was full of love.

Those minutes that the stress was beginning to take over, yet I continued to stay calm (for their sake and mine) I knew I would be getting home and hubby would be arriving shortly after us. Tag team em! Ha

Its the power of a parent to know when to take that time alone, to tell the other you need some space (and wine) to let you clear you head and come back for the next round.

An evening that could have been taken, could have been ruined if I had given in to the kids power – yes we all know they hold their own power – however that would not have been fun, I had a blast with my family. Life happens. Shit happens. Its how you handle it that makes the difference. πŸ™‚

Categories Children, Family Moments

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