Writing is therapy for the mind, Photography for the heart

Ive always thought of Photography as my own form of relaxation, gets another part of my brain working in ways it typically doesn’t everyday at work. The ability to just capture things as they are and enjoy the raw beauty.

Writing is much like that. Everyone has things going on in their life that affect them in some way or another, writing may help to get feelings or thoughts out, to share them with someone or just write until your mind is clear. Photography for me is opening myself up and letting a part of me become vulerable and almost naked to the situation. Opening my eyes as if for the first time and feeling new – where the naked comes in. Places where I have been before can hold a new meaning or discovery. Not having any expectations of anything and just going with the flow.

This is where beautiful things come from, this is where dreams are made and life truly shows its meaning. There are times I am very hard on myself that I didn’t get “the” shot, only to come home and find out “the” shot is not what it was all about, it was the shots that I saw briefly, I took on a whim and took while I thought I was actually going for another.

I love the beach. I love the waves of the water, how each flows apart and then back together. Ive found to see the resemblance in the waves of my life, when we spend too much time planning – like the shot – something goes un-noticed, yet when I go with the flow and open myself up to the amazing possibilities beautiful things, amazing things happen. Being “naked” in a situation is only the beginning – the beginning of many possibilities if you just open yourself up to allow them in. With nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hold you back. Go ahead with unbeatable confidence and trust in yourself.

Its when you least expect it, your dreams will come true!

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