Summer memories… blogging 52!

We had a very crazy fall and right into winter, which didn’t give me much opportunity to take some time for myself and edit our family photos (which was a lot of them!). Today while the entire family all took some alone quiet time I took to the computer to get some photos in order. Trust me if you could hear my kids talk about photos and how much they love looking back at them, you would MAKE this a priority too 😉

Every summer since hubby and I got married (except 1) we have spent a long weekend at my aunt and uncles cottage which is on a beautiful closed in lake a few hours from our house. The kids adore this family weekend and much like we do, look forward to it every year!

This photo below speaks to me and shows exactly why our kids love it there so much! They aren’t looking at me, yet I can hear and see exactly what they are saying and how excited they are (to catch fish!).

Our family loves being outdoors when its nice out, the weather these past few days has had the kids looking out the windows happily singing “its spring, its spring we can go in the boat soon!” haha yes we wish… until that time comes I will happily continue to photograph our life and catch up on 2011’s photos from June to December (with moving, putting our beloved family dog down, new puppy, back to school, surgery, Christmas we had a very busy 6mths)!.

I was contemplating doing a 365, but lets be real, me and photography and rules do not mix, so by setting up my own “rule” that I “have” to take a photo every day, just isn’t going to make me do it. Hubby suggested doing a 52 lol one for every week. I can most certainly do that. Most week’s Im sure I will do more than just one, but I will at least attempt to hold myself to blogging once – at least once – per week!

Which will mean using BOTH my blackberry for photos AND my Canon DSLR’s for photos. Memories are priceless and meant to be treasured forever – I LOVE hearing my kids talk about “remember when… hold on I’ll get the picture” awesome!

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