Are you stuck for a Christmas gift idea?

Christmas is approaching very fast! I don’t know about you but I am not ready yet… well I should say I am ready for what is most important – my kids! Everyone else, no not yet!

For those hard to buy for on your list or ones who you do not see very much, but still want to send them something special… you can never go wrong with 3 things – and any of these can be paired together !

Photos (or photo gifts), Food + Drinks (yes this covers booze, coffee, tea, hot chocolate).

A gift as simple as a photo of your children can really and truly go a long way! They grow and change so much, this is a gift that will without a doubt be cherished! Coffee or Tea lover… why not a mug with the kids photo on it and their favourite brew. Or simply a framed image of the kids with a bottle of wine.

But it’s less than a month away… No problem!

With a little FUN + Bribery, yes you read that right ;), you can capture some great, true to life photos of your kids! Let them have fun, whether you want to try the shots out in the snow, by the fire or tree, drinking hot chocolate, just make it fun for them AND that its ALL the kids fabulous ideas hehe!

Tomorrow our family will be putting up our tree and photos of my kids is my job (next to laying and doing not much else lol) , as typical the photographer has not figured our her family’s Christmas cards nor all of our gifts 😉

So don’t stress over that perfect gift, it truly is the little things that means the most! ❤  This is one of my strongest reasons for providing the digital images, they make amazing ‘last minute gifts’ and don’t fret if you haven’t had a session if you keep it fun, bribe the kids – hey it encourages them, and let the kids be themselves you could capture an image your family will treasure, and it just may be their best gift yet 🙂 Especially for distant relatives, why buy something just tonsay you did, when you dont even know what they need – no matter their age, an aunt/uncle to great, cousin to grandparent, they will all appreciate the thought of sending a photo of your most precious in your life and thinking of them!

Yes I love this time of year!!!

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