Children really do love & appreciate family memories…

I got a message from a client & friend… she told me her son goes past their family photo every day and says how much he loves it! He said to her yesterday

“we are so lucky to know some one so talented mom that she can even make our crazy family look good!!!”

THIS is why I love photography! ā™„ Its about making family memories frozen in time to be treasured for many years to come! This TOTALLY made my day ā™„ Pamela Zmija Photography

This is a photo from Thanksgiving weekend with my own family. My children are not looking at the camera however the emotion I captured is exactly what I was going for! I have more photos of them to come… Once I get through more of my client sessions from this weekend šŸ™‚

For me my inspiration for my photography is my family. One thing that will always weigh on my heart is that when my mother-in-law passed away just 2 months before our wedding, it was then I realized we didn’t have any photos of her with my husband and I. Thankfully we do have photos of her which we share with our children so they can “know” their Grama Zmija, as it was to be just 2 months to our wedding and we would have countless photos with her… unfortunately that moment did not happen.

Live in the now, capture those memories, treasure them forever, share these moments with your children – after all THIS is how they will remember their childhood and show their children one day. Also why I have a deep passion for lifestyle photography allowing the true personality to shine through and kids be kids šŸ˜‰
Also on the Thanksgiving weekend we attended a “McLellan Family Reunion”… something we haven’t done in many years! It was fabulous reconnecting with familiar faces, to see all the kids playing together and just enjoying the afternoon as one big family!
Here is a group shot of all of us there šŸ™‚

This photo – although it was difficult to get everyone to get in order and stay in place (lol working with family šŸ˜‰ ). It will be treasured by all of us for many years to come!

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